Our large collection of IP addresses, DNS records, nameservers, pages and response headers can be used to:

Track malicious domains, detect patterns in cyber threats, and enforce security measures.

Data Analytics Firms

Companies can easily incorporate our large dataset into their analytics systems.

In this way, they can enhance data-driven results with comprehensive insights and stats from the domain and web landscape.

Financial Organizations

By leveraging our OSINT database, financial institutions can monitor domains for fraudulent activities, phishing sites etc.

In this way they can ensure financial service security and also perform due diligence / research as needed in their field.

Law & Government

Government agencies and law firms can use the platform to:

Monitor suspicious activities, efficiently track malicious domains and pages, find connections between various firms and entities through OSINT, and gather intelligence for various legal investigations.

B2B Business Intelligence

Companies of all sizes can leverage our comprehensive data in order to perform:

Competitor analysis, determine business relationships, research trends and also to monitor their business online presence as well as generally use business intelligence to overall improve and secure their operations.

Research & Academia:

Researchers can utilize the platform data to:

Perform various studies, generate statistics and to understand and discover web trends. Our data can offer insight into online behavior, website relationships and structure, generate aggregate information about domains in various specific industries, and much more.

News and Media

Media companies of all types and sizes can use our platform to:

Analyze trends, discover emerging popular domains, and potentially identify fake news websites or sources. They can also perform investigation for journalistic purposes using our API and search interface.

E-commerce and Retail

Our API and search feature can assist e-commerce platforms with business intelligence such as:

Watching competition, understanding market trends, and identifying opportunities for cooperation, potential referral sources or affiliate marketing.

Tech & Web Development Companies

Access to HTML snapshots, page text data, and server header information can assist tech companies in performing competitive analysis, website optimization and to better understand web technologies used across the web.

Domain Registrars & Hosting Companies

Through accessing our extensive list of domain data, these companies can:

Understand domain trends, track expired domains and more, evaluate the market correctly and potentially offer better domain services to their clients.

AI & Machine Learning Institutions:

Our vast amount of web data can be used for automated research including: Train machine learning models, classifiers, regressors etc particularly natural language processing models like LLMs, perform trend predictions, and web patterns analysis.

Digital Marketing & SEO Agencies

Using backlink information we have stored, digital marketing firms and seo agencies can:

Discover and analyze website relationships, discover link-building opportunities, and analyze competitor websites including their PBNs if any.

Why choose us?

We make online research easy and affordble.

Through our search and download data features, as well as API, you can efficiently enhance performance in your daily activity.

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