BigData Domain Database

Over 250,000,000 domains stored and ready for instant search and analysis, via API or bulk data download.

DNS Data

DNS records DB: Nameservers, IP addresses, CNAME and TXT records, all ready to be searched and filtered by custom criteria.

Response Headers

Our bigdata system stores extra metadata such as response headers, so you can query for insight like server software, scripting technology and more.

HTML and Text Data

HTML data cached. We store actual page data that can be searched via TEXT search and also combined with raw HTML as needed.

What we do

Bulk Web Data Query: Business Intelligence, Security & Research.

We have built a large web database for you to query efficiently and affordable. Take advantage of our backend interface, API and bulk downloads to get the best analytics and insight into any domains or their associated metadata. Millions of GBs ready for instant query.

Bringing results to our clients

We process more than 1B records on a
daily basis to keep our data updated

260 million+

Domains stored

1049 million+

Entry points

670 million+

Response records cached

In 2023, there is a new way to efficiently query global domain and web data.

Use our bigdata platform to get web and domain insight fast, easy and at unprecedently efficient cost per record.

Our Data in Numbers:

Domains cached
Entry points (http/https, www/non-www)
DNS records
Response Headers
Nameserver records
Server / Header records
IP address records
TXT records
HTML pages, redirects, 4xx errors
Our Mission:

We deliver extensive web & domain data, efficiently and affordable.

Our large multi-tier database provides businesses around the world with ways to query the web fast and affordable, and to integrate data in their systems via our multi-faceted API.


Research millions of domains for critical information, IP addresses, nameservers and much more.

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Business Intelligence

Get a quick overview of large number of domains/websites or make an accurate selection as desired.

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Our data helps numerous researchers around the world for statistics and study.

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Search Engine API

Embed our search engine API solutions in your website, platform or business software.

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Backlink Database

Use our backlink database for marketing, research and to discover site relationships.

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AI Data Feed

Use our data for AI queries and training your datasets, efficiently and affordable.

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